Aquabelle Women’s Plus Size Chlorine Resistant Black Bike Short

May 31, 2015 - Comment

Style 1950. Bike short swim bottom fits true to size.

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Style 1950. Bike short swim bottom fits true to size.


Hope E. says:

The children are safe! I have some coverage issues, even with “conservative fit” suits, because of the way my body is shaped. I was always self-conscious and either walked around holding a towel in front of me until I got to the water, or had both hands down trying to cover my…um…. areas, thinking “must. save. the. children” With these shorts under my suit I am free! Free to walk between the locker room and the pool and throw my towel nonchalantly over my shoulder, free to get a kickboard off the…

Miranda says:

not true to size love the idea of these shorts and by far are the only ones i came across that i really love. I would recomend a size bigger that you wear. I needed these swim shorts for coverage and although it is spandex i feel the bottom leg of the shorts they should of made them a little bit for loose so when you wear them and sit down your flesh is not buldging out making your leg look for fat. otherwise these are very good shorts.

DixieW says:

FINALLY a bathing suit bottom I love! These are fantastic! I just got back from using them on a beach vacation and LOVE them. They fit to size, and stay low on the thighs so no worry about chaffing! I didn’t get a chance to wash them as often as I would have liked during the trip and did find that during rough wave jumping they did like to slip down, but I am sure that was just due to rewear and lots of waves. I also wore them in the pool. I can not say enough about these. They, on me, wear high, up over my belly so no gap…

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