CnlanRow Womens Under Skirt Short Pant – Soft Thin Stretch Lace Shorts Leggings for Women

July 1, 2018 - Comment


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DragonCeres says:

So comfy! Really soft and I like the lace at the bottom. However, it was a little longer than expected, so if you had a shorter dress this would actually be longer. It’s form fitting but not tightening, so it’s not going to make your tummy smaller or anything. Anyway, I got it because some of the amazon dresses I ordered from China were a bit sheer so this covered up the correct areas just perfectly.

Mercedes says:

SOFT SOFT SOFT! The material is SO SOFT. I want my entire wardrobe to be this stretchy material. I bought these because I was getting a rash on my thighs (TMI but sorry!) — The shorts are incredibly effective at preventing this from happening. They are comfy and breathable enough so that I don’t experience over-heating and sweatiness. The only issue I experienced was with the lace trim on the legs. They are not as stretchy as the rest of the short, so they cut into my thighs a little bit. I’m not a large lady…

Summer says:

Definitely, recommend! Will certainly be buying more of these. I am totally disabled and when I go anywhere I am stuck in my chair. Regular panties always ride up causing discomfort when sitting for long periods of time. These do not ride up and stay smooth so I am not sitting on a rolled spot or pinching anywhere. Definitely, recommend!

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