Eco-daily Cycling Shorts Women’s 3D Padded Bicycle Bike Biking Underwear Shorts

November 25, 2018 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Excellent shorts, padding is wonderful and feels comfortable Excellent shorts, padding is wonderful and feels comfortable. The sides of the padding in particular are good, I will be buying more of these soon.thanks!

Anonymous says:

Padded butt Not my favorite cycling shorts. Although the cushion is large and protect my butt bones, I feel like I’m wearing a GIANT maxi pad. I can’t wear them out with out pants over them but I have such big thighs they roll up on them. I have to keep pulling on them or they roll up and are constricting.The cushion protects my seat bones and make cycling not so painful so I guess the giant maxi pad is worth it. I purchased a large and they fix snug but nicely under sweats. I’m 5’1 and 170 lbs.

Anonymous says:

Doesn’t feel like a diaper-lol Comfortable and not at all like wearing a diaper-lol. Makes a 33 mile bike ride a breeze.

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