EVS Sports TUG Padded Riding Short (Black, Youth Large)

December 16, 2015 - Comment

Manufacturers Part Number: 812503-0118

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Manufacturers Part Number: 812503-0118


Scott Lind says:

Great comp shorts I ride off road and vintage MX. Always looking for comp shorts that dont bind, that protect well but dont pack up my riding pants so much that you cant move once you have them on.these are the first set that do just what I was looking for: Great snug fit, dont move around, dont bind you, dont completely fill up my riding pants so you can actually move and so far (3 times) they look like new after washing.Thanx EVS, I run your neck brace as well – good gear !!

Veloscente says:

Pointless: these leave your hip-bones completely unprotected. Pros: 

peter bielinski says:

Look great and fit well the shorts look good and fit well. the pads are a bit too far forward to protect the hip bone as well as possible, but it’s much better than nothing.

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