Stretch is Comfort Women’s Teamwear Cotton Plus Size Bike Shorts Charcoal Gray 4X

January 7, 2018 - Comment

95% Cotton and 5% Spandex

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95% Cotton and 5% Spandex


RED says:

Comfy shorts but not bike shorts. These are straight leg, cotton knit, shorts. The fabric is the same as a T-shirt. Snug when you first put them on but then they relax and wrinkle just like a T-shirt does. I went walking in them and, on me,they did not ride up. One reviewer stated the legs were not sewn with a stretch stitch. That is 

Moogie says:

I really like these! I originally bought 2 pair of these shorts & found them to be extremely comfy. So I went back & ordered 4 more colors! Now understand, I do NOT wear these out of the house, except to walk around the block. But I guess that’s more of a weight issue for me than a style issue. They aren’t very thick. You could actually wear them under dresses as long as the dress isn’t too fitted or short. But with a tunic t-shirt, hanging out working & playing at home, they’re perfect for me. I originally got a…

Christie says:

Plus Size Diva Chub Rub Defense!! 😀 Absolutely love it!! I’m a size 28 and am going on a vacation to Vegas. Didn’t want my chub rub to slow me down while I’m there. Wore them under a dress tonight and they come to just above my knees (5’4″ height) and didn’t ride up and stayed in place all night. Also a very nice breathable waist line that stayed in place, didn’t roll and didn’t squeeze my fat over the top and gave me great lines in my dress. I wore a cotton dress and the dress didn’t cling to the fabric at all! Absolutely…

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