TheMogan Women’s Mid Thigh Cotton High Waist Active Short Leggings Black 1XL

September 8, 2019 - Comment
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Anonymous says:

Seller determines quality. When you get them from the right seller they are amazing! The reason these are so inconsistently reviewed is the ones from China are like tissue paper. When I ordered from “Peggy Sue’s Closet and More” and “The Morgan” they were everything I hoped for. But from “Ufut” they were uncomfortable waist, tissue paper see through and probably about 2 sizes too small (maybe more). Ridiculous!

Anonymous says:

My butt look good af in these Man listen, when I first opened the package I looked at it for a while because it was so small. It looked like a dine bag almost. Anyway, when I put them on I didn’t wanna take them off. I got them to workout in and my butt look better than a 20 piece chicken nugget meal. These shorts where it’s at y’all. I am not the one to lie, imma tell you the truth cold hearted, these right here👌🏽

Anonymous says:

Very comfortable. A little loose in the waist because of … Very comfortable. A little loose in the waist because of my body proportions but i got lots of complements on the color and fit.

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