UZZO Men’s Cycling Underwear Gel 3D Padded Bike Short Pants (Waist:43-44 inch)

September 26, 2014 - Comment
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Y. Rodriguez says:

Deception A total deception.The legs are too short an they roll up. The materials are not the quality and termination I expected.The padding is a robbery. The seller said 2.1 cm and they really are 1.5 cm of a very weak and thin foam. Not gel like in one photo says.It’s a waste of money.A total lie.So sad I’m so far away from the store owner, to show him in his face what he is selling and even sadder he can’t feel the discomfort in his own butt when I ride using…

Lyndsay says:

There ok 0

apic says:

Awful shorts. 0

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