ZERDOCEAN Women’s Plus Size Short Leggings With Lace Trim White 2X Shorts

March 14, 2018 - Comment
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Mary J. Murphy says:

Perefect for the summer skirts and dresses. Very nice material. Comfortable and nicer then I thought it would be. Very light weight and not tight like the spanx. Even the lace is soft and not scratchy. If you are looking for shape wear, this is not it. I love them so my legs don’t rub together in the heat of summer. Perfect for under dresses and skirts!! I am very happy with them.

Stephanie says:

Worth it! I love these. I can’t say it often enough, because they provide the protection against the dreaded chub rub that I’d been looking for. I love to wear dresses, but often don’t do it if the outing is going to be a longer one. I used these on a trip to Disneyland, which was a TON of walking. They were comfortable, fit well, and after a brief bit of time, I forgot they were there! I’m looking forward to purchasing more and wearing skirts and dresses all summer long!

aspiemom says:

These are amazing. Just what I was looking for These are amazing. Just what I was looking for. A comfortable short undergarment to wear under dresses and prevent thigh rub. They are NOT a compression garment. I don’t want to be squeezed to bits – I just want to have a comfortable smooth undergarment to keep my legs from chafing. they are soft, comfortable, and perfect!

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